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J. Martoccia Diamond Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

At J. Martoccia Diamond Buyers, we want to make sure that you understand that your diamond is in the best hands possible, and we will do everything to uphold the superior service standard we have set for ourselves. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding diamond buying.

Why is It Important to Work With a Certified Diamond Grader?

An expert grader can unlock the true value of a diamond and offer the best prices with undue risk to their bottom line. They can be aggressive in their offer as they have full knowledge of the true value of your diamond before they attempt to market the diamond.

I Have an Appraisal for My Diamond, is that a Good Indication of My Diamond's Value?

Please bring your appraisal to our appointment. Appraisals by jewelry stores and for insurance purposes are often much above retail. I will not know what your diamond’s actual value is until I examine it.

Why Should We Have J. Martoccia Diamond Buyers Purchase Our Diamond?

Integrity is first and foremost in all our transactions. I have decades of experience and expert training which allows me to offer the best prices. You'll benefit from my vast network of buyers, and get the best fair market offer with a minimum of effort on your part. I make the transaction fast and convenient.

Do You Work with Sellers Outside of New York State?

Please call or contact me through the website inquiry for further assistance on this matter.

Do You Sell Diamonds to the General Public?

My diamonds are sold to my personal network of jewelry shops, investors, and gem professionals.

What is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)?

It is the premier diamond grading organization in the world and the premier provider of education to diamond graders and professional appraisers. Read more at http://www.gia.edu.
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The Gemological Institute of America is a non-profit institute that researches and educates about gems and jewelry. It is the premier diamond grading institute. Call us now!
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